Requirements Management Workshop - 5 days

This course imparts an understanding of what Requirements Engineering is, from the point of view of what needs to be done as well as how it should be approached. Requirements Engineering is a relatively new term which covers all of the activities involved in discovering, documenting, and maintaining a set of requirements. The "engineering" part implies that systematic and repeatable techniques are applied. Concepts and techniques are taught allowing a Project Manager and Requirements Engineer to develop, evaluate and manage systems / software requirements, which form the basis for successful product development

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Understand the type of information which should be covered by requirements
  • Elicit or gather the requirements from the customer and/or end user
  • Learn how to use prototyping and simulation to gather and/or refine requirements definitions
  • Recognize and be able to review and revise requirements to ensure certain requirements attributes
  • Understand the value of understanding, eliciting, and controlling non-functional requirements
  • Apply appropriate techniques and methods for specifying requirements both technical and non-technical
  • Analyze the customer or systems (product and product component) requirements
  • Allocate the product and product component requirements to software, hardware, firmware, electronics, plastics, hydraulics, services, processes, people etc.
  • Be able to develop requirements and interface specifications that can be used throughout the rest of the lifecycle
  • Apply appropriate techniques for requirements verification and validation
  • Review the contents of a requirements document from multiple viewpoints (product development, testing, Quality Assurance, Systems Engineering, etc. )
  • Manage requirements baseline and change requests to the requirements
  • Trace requirements throughout the product lifecycle
  • Measure the effectiveness of the requirements engineering process

Who should attend

  • Systems Engineers
  • Specialists or potential specialists having responsibilities in the domain of requirements engineering
  • Integration and Systems Test
  • Lead Designers
  • Technical managers with responsibilities in product development (project leaders, project managers, group leaders)
  • Members of other teams concerned with requirements (e.g., marketing)
  • Quality Managers

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