CM workshop - 3 days

This workshop focuses on the Configuration Management (CM) functions necessary to support the control of product and product components that are being developed and maintained. It describes the various CM functions necessary to establish and maintain the integrity of the project's life-cycle work products as well as the final delivered system. It includes a thorough description of the basic CM activities such as:

  • Identifying and baselining the configuration items in a product
  • Controlling the release and changes to these items throughout the product lifecycle
  • Recording and reporting the status of configuration items and change requests
  • Verifying the completeness and correctness of configuration items and the final system
  • CM success factors are highlighted in terms of organizational interfaces, staffing skills, and tool support.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Establish a Configuration Identification scheme
  • Set up an organizational Configuration Control Board (CCB) and understand the need for multiple levels of control along with approval for change requests
  • Implement Configuration Change Control procedures including the control of versions and variants
  • Establish Configuration Baselines at appropriate times
  • Establish appropriate approval authority to control the promotion of configuration items
  • Describe the importance and value of CM status accounting to help project leaders better
  • Manage and control their projects
  • Set up a Configuration Management System
  • Establish Product Build and Release Procedures
  • Perform configuration baseline audits and traceability audits
  • Develop a Configuration Management Plan to support the project's development needs
  • Ensure successful configuration control of a Supplier’s life-cycle work products

Who should attend

  • Technical Leads
  • CM Managers and CM Responsibles
  • Quality Assurance Group members
  • Integration and System Testers
  • SEPG Members

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