Basic Testing Course - ISTQB - 5 days

This course provides a broad introduction to the structured approach necessary for the testing of complex systems. The course will supply an excellent knowledge base and practical skills to understand and implement Testing, test management techniques and practices. The course starts with an overview of systems development, and overview of testing basics, testing principles, methodology and testing terminology. The course goes systematically through the testing process: Test planning, Test Design and Test execution, using best practices for each stage, including the disciplines supporting the process, like risk management, requirements analysis and traceability, applied to complex systems. An introduction to commercial tools supporting the test process is provided, helping the Test management and control. The course provides an overview to automatic testing, enriching the participants with the required knowledge to decide and understand the pros and contras of automation in testing. At the end, and overview of the elements involved in the testing process and metrics to measure the success of those processes.

On Completion, Delegates will be able to

  • Utilize various techniques for Planning and performing systematic and structural testing
  • Use different strategies for performing software and system integration testing
  • Use various techniques for performing functional testing of individual functions, user scenarios and of the operational profile
  • Understand and decide the importance of automatic testing, regression testing
  • Measure, evaluate and the effectiveness of the testing process
  • Be prepared for the ISTQB examination

Who should attend

Software testers, quality engineering, developer, project managers, functional managers and other software project stakeholders involved in test design, execution, planning and management, and who are interested in improving software testing practices in their organization

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