Basic Testing - ISTQB

This course provides a broad introduction to the structured approach necessary for the testing of complex systems. The course will supply an excellent knowledge base and practical skills to understand and implement Testing, test management techniques and practices.

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Configuration Management workshop

This workshop focuses on the Configuration Management (CM) functions necessary to support the control of product and product components that are being developed and maintained. It describes the various CM functions necessary to establish and maintain the integrity of the project's life-cycle work products as well as the final delivered system.

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Process Improvement workshop

Process improvement has become a major part of strategic planning, as increasing numbers of companies find that they must produce more products and services with less time and resources. But the steps to improve processes are not so sufficiently intuitive that they can be accomplished without guidance. This day will give a better insight on how to start the processes improvements in the organization.

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Requirements Management workshop

This course imparts an understanding of what Requirements Engineering is, from the point of view of what needs to be done as well as how it should be approached. Requirements Engineering is a relatively new term which covers all of the activities involved in discovering, documenting, and maintaining a set of requirements. The "engineering" part implies that systematic and repeatable techniques are applied. Concepts and techniques are taught allowing a Project Manager and Requirements Engineer to develop, evaluate and manage systems / software requirements, which form the basis for successful product development.

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