Verification and Validation


"The purpose of Verification is to ensure that selected work products meet their specified requirements (CMMI-Verification - Maturity level 3) The purpose of Validation is to demonstrate that a product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment (CMMI-Validation - Maturity level 3) "

Our Solution

SoftWorK Expertise in Verification and Validation help you:

  • Verification methods and best practices.
  • Test plans and Test descriptions preparations, together with SoftWorK's excellent professionals will supply the best solution
  • Automation
  • Bug tracking implementation
  • Selection and assimilation of free tools to mange tests and requirements traceability to improve coverage
  • Automated regression tests
  • Load tests with free and commercial tools
  • Guide and train your people - ISTQB and advanced testing techniques
  • Coaching

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