Configuration Management


"The purpose of Configuration Management is to establish and maintain the integrity of work products using configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits." (CMMI - Configuration Management - Maturity level 2)

Our Solution

SoftWorK Expertise in Configuration Management will help you:

  • Analyzing and identifying the selected work products that compose the baselines of your product, according to the marketing goals and system architecture.
  • Product Line Management under CM
  • Build or provide specifications to build the work products form the configuration management system.
  • Build the method or tool to maintain the integrity of your baselines, and providing accurate status to developers, end users and customers.
  • Create procedures, templates SCMP, and methodology for maintaining the Configuration Management process according to the development life cycle.
  • SoftWorK will select the proper tool for your business, or shift smoothly from one tool to another
  • Customization, integration and assimilation of CM tools
  • Assimilation - With courses & process automation and advanced assimilation techniques.
  • Recommend the best practices, tools and techniques for Configuratuion Management
  • Select the best tools and practices tailored to customer needs
  • Implement effective Configuration Management Changes
  • Automatic build and deployment
  • Guide and train your people
  • Coaching

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