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Project Monitoring and Control

The purpose of Project Monitoring and Control is to provide an understanding of the project’s progress so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken when the project’s performance deviates significantly from the plan." (CMMI-Project Monitoring and Control - Maturity level 2)

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Verification and Validation

The purpose of Verification is to ensure that selected work products meet their specified requirements (CMMI-Verification - Maturity level 3) The purpose of Validation is to demonstrate that a product or product component fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment (CMMI-Validation - Maturity level 3)

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Configuration Management

The purpose of Configuration Management is to establish and maintain the integrity of work products using configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits." (CMMI - Configuration Management - Maturity level 2)

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Requirements Management

"Requirements management processes manage all requirements received or generated by the project, including both technical and non-technical requirements as well as those requirements levied on the project by the organization. In particular, if the Requirements Development process area is implemented, its processes will generate product and product-component requirements that will also be managed by the requirements management processes. When the Requirements Management, Requirements Development, and Technical Solution process areas are all implemented, their associated processes may be closely tied and be performed concurrently" (CMMI-Requirements Management - Maturity level 2)

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